Westcliff High School for Boys


The project at Westcliff High School for Boys forms part of the Priority Schools Building Programme 2 and has been designed to provide the school with additional Science laboratories and refurbishment of the existing technology block to enhance the existing high standards of teaching.


The new science laboratory is a complete new build extension attached via link corridor to the existing science block. the new building will be conditioned via air source heat pump technology supported by heat recovery ventilation to provide standard teaching ventilation with facility to ramp up air volumes to meet full experimentation mode. CO2 sensors enable the fans to modulate at the dictates of the room condition and are provided with teachers station manual overrides.


The renovation of the technology block allows for the complete strip out and replacement of the existing heating system along with the domestic water services. In addition to the refurbishment of the ground floor the first floor will see a new food technology room double the size of the existing provision. New ventilation systems have been designed to meet the needs of the cooking appliances within the space. Variable speed control allows the fan duties to be matched to the level of cooking at any one time.


New lighting with intelligent control shall be provided throughout including the facility for daylight saving. 


Client: Logan Construction

Year: 2018

Project Budget: £1.3 Million



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