Bernard Katz Building


The project involved the partial refurbishment of the Bernard Katz Biochemical Engineering building, located on main University College London, Bloomsbury Campus.


The Building was originally commissioned in 1993 making the systems in excess of 20 years old. As part of the refurbishment of the building the opportunity was taken to upgrade the services in line with new plans to refurbish and re-plan the internal layouts.


Works had been planned to suit a new user group and the opportunity was taken to upgrade the systems and improve energy efficiency.


The mechanical design included the redesign of the primary heat distribution within the building as well as the complete replacement of the chilled water plant at roof level. Local cooling, heat pumps and cold rooms were designed to cater for specific areas within the building. Dedicated smoke and fume extract was provided within the laboratories. 


The building was subject to complete rewire and LV distribution system. New lighting was designed throughout to incorporate low energy lighting and Emergency Lighting.


A new data network linked the building to the wider Campus system and provided vision of the building controls and monitoring. New access control and fire alarm systems were provided throughout.



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