College Road


This unique property has been developed for a Private Client in close vicinity of the famous Dulwich College grounds. The building is set amongst a heavily wooded part of the site grounds providing a challenge for not only the foundation design but also the routed of buried services to provide infrastructure on this green field site. Services have been designed around the tree routes with a single point of entry into the building. The new property sits proud of the ground on stilts allowing for a natural service zone in which to route cables and pipework around the ground floor with strategically placed locations to rise into the building.


The building is designed to perform in a highly efficient manner reducing the need for excessive heat input. A small gas boiler is able to provide all the heating and hot water requirements for the building. The living quarters are supplemented via an open fire.



The garden and landscape area provides a focal point for the property with its pond running below the house extending into the large garden area. The pond water is filtered via an ultra violet filter to ensure that it can maintain a clear water quality. A pumped system within the pond allows the water to circulate and cascade over the wear to the end of the pool providing the natural calming sound of running water.



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