Lewisham Hospital MRI


The proposed new MRI scanner forms part of Lewisham and Greenwich NHS Trust’s £2.2 million investment in radiology facilities, that will boost the quality of diagnosis available to patients and create a more calming environment during their care


The new state-of-the art equipment is proposed to boost the existing service to enhance and streamline the patient experience, offering greater privacy and comfort.


The scanner itself is specially designed with the patient in mind, including built-in ambient lighting and music that the patients can choose themselves. It is also more spacious and open to reduce feelings of claustrophobia, while the scanning process will be made less noisy.


The new technology will allow the Trust to see more patients and provide better quality scans for more conditions, including cardiac scans, which were not available previously. The software is also regularly updated which will allow further new diagnoses in the future.


The proposed works include new M&E installation throughout included cooling, ventilation lighting and power to serve the new MRI control and scanner procedure rooms, and associated facilities.


We have worked closely with the Siemens team to ensure the requirements for the new room are fully integrated within the design with upgrades to medical gas’s, alarms, access and links to the Hospital BMS system.



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